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CTQ works with an inter-disciplinary and placemaking approach to our urban planning and master planning services, developing innovative, livable and sustainable places.

Our creative approach designs mixed use and multi-functional environments, which cross all areas of urban planning to create vibrant, energetic, and integrated human scale outcomes.

Scope of Services

  • Visioning
  • Place Making
  • Master Plans
  • Land Planning
  • Land Use Plans
  • Urban Design
  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • Development Strategies
  • Land Use Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Design Guidelines
  • Public Consultation
  • Rezoning Applications
  • Municipal Development Application Approvals

Scope of Experience

  • Agriculture Estate Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Estate Development
  • Industrial Development
  • Resort Development
  • Winery Development
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Campus Planning
  • Park Planning
  • Urban Revitalization