University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus

UBCO/UBC Properties Trust
2005 – Ongoing
Engineering/Landscape Architecture

CTQ has been working with UBCO and UBC Properties Trust on the UBC Okanagan Campus since 2005, with a large portion of the work being engineering focused and a few landscape architecture specific projects.

The ICI building is a landscape architecture project with the focus being on interdisciplinary and community engagement, indigeneity, wellbeing, sustainability and flexibility. These guiding principles have led the landscape architects to design a very specific landscape surrounding this 4-story academic building. The site is positioned at the entry to the campus along Alumni Avenue, providing a key node to the campus and highlighting the criteria outlined by the project team.

The design has focused on the retention of key natural elements, the large grove of Ponderosa Pine trees to the west of the building, providing a unique backdrop and emphasis on indigenous hillside plant material. Storm water integration and retention through LID swales has been incorporated through the landscape from west to east, connecting the through the buildings breezeway, creating a wonderful opportunity to showcase the raised walkway system to the outlook point to the east, sitting high above the natural detention ponds and views to the indigenous garden to the east. Natural spaces are connecting built form to the environment, with seating and gathering opportunities on both the west and east sides for student and faculty to enjoy the 4 seasons. To the south, an indigenous garden has been designed, in collaboration with the local First Nations group to be used as an educational and recreational space. Within this garden, there will be dedicated structures and narrative to provide opportunities for the First Nations to have cultural events.