Working Together: JoeAnna’s House Unites Build Design Team


The JoeAnna’s House Build Design team, from left: Matt Cameron, CTQ Consultants; Neil Denby, Runnalls Denby Surveyors; Diego Mandlebaum, Stantec Engineering; Gord Wilson, TEAM, Shirley Ng and Jim Meiklejohn, Meiklejohn Architects; Robert Wagner, Outland Landscape Architects; Loic Letailleur, Falcon Engineering; Steve Tobler, CTQ Consultants; Chuck Cullen, TEAM; Carl Wright, TEAM; Jill Kronebusch, TEAM; and Chad Gould, TEAM.

KELOWNA, BC – For the design and build team’s leading KGH Foundation’s JoeAnna’s House project, it turns out ‘Better Together’ is far more than just a great campaign slogan.

Meiklejohn Architects, TEAM Construction and their consultants, have teamed up to commit $61,500 towards the project – a combination of personal and corporate gifts, in addition to countless volunteer hours by the staff of all organizations.

“When we work together, challenges that seem impossible become possible,” notes Chad Gould, owner of TEAM Construction.  “We have a really special group committed to this project. Everyone’s heart is in the right place. Everyone is giving what they can. It feels really good to be a part of something that will provide such a huge impact in our community for years to come.”

“We’ve really come to realize that it’s about working together that makes JoeAnna’s House such a special project,” echoes lead Meiklejohn architect, Stoke Tonne. The firm’s owner, Jim Meiklejohn, has been so moved by the impact of the project that he and his partner, Shirley Ng, have made a personal donation.

Indeed, JoeAnna’s House, a home away from home for the families of out-of-town patients who are transferred to KGH for advanced medical care, is fast becoming a testament to what is possible when many individuals and organizations come together.

“It’s our hope that other like-minded, socially conscious trades want to get involved with the project as we go out for tender,” notes Gould.  “We are excited to move forward into the next phase of the JoeAnna’s House project.”

TEAM construction will be opening up tender to trades in early fall, 2018.  If your firm is interested in pre-qualification for the JoeAnna’s House project, please email Team Construction at for more information.

The KGH Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven charitable organization committed to enhancing the delivery of healthcare to the patients of Kelowna General Hospital and its associated facilities.

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