VIDEO: How a local engineering company is making an impact on Okanagan developments

A local engineering, urban design and planning company, CTQ, is celebrating their 15th Anniversary of doing business in the Okanagan this year. CTQ have been an integral part of the positive growth within our region, working with top developers on many municipal structures. From the development of UBC Okanagan, several local hospitals & roadworks and key developments to the re-development of many urban designs, CTQ are honoured to be able to work with major players in creating this community’s most outstanding projects!

Some of their most memorable projects have been Mission Group’s U-District, Central Green and 1920 Enterprise developments, Troika’s West Harbour and Green Square Vert developments, the City of Kelowna’s new police services building and a very unique build of a screw pump flood control station at the Resort Municipality of Harrison Hot Springs.


Municipality of Harrison Hot Springs Screw Pump Flood Control


“CTQ brought our state of the art water treatment plant online and has worked with our staff to create and realize infrastructure master plans for water, waste water, roads and bridges and active transportation. The CTQ team continues to work with the Village to coordinate new development and to renew and expand critical infrastructure systems and facilities” says Madeline McDonald, Chief Administration Officer of the Resort Municipality of Harrison Hot Springs.

What makes them so great? Watch below as KelownaNow sits down with some of CTQ’s major clients and one of the founding partners to talk about who they are and what they have been providing to our community for the past 15 years.



Created in 2003, CTQ has become one of the most respected consulting companies in BC specializing in Engineering, Planning, and Urban Design. Their depth of experience and expertise is significant as the consulting team is comprised of many professionals, each with over 25 years of experience.


Article reposted with permission from KelownaNow, October 26, 2018.