Shayne Meechan – Green Okanagan

The Executive Director and creator of Green Okanagan, Ms. Shayne Meechan, shared her vision of individual sustainability with our team. Shayne explained how we can all take charge of our own environment to make healthier, more wasteless choices with several simple initiatives. Keeping a box of reusable bags, re-usable containers, re-usable metal straws, water bottles and coffee cups in our office, home and car to ensure that we stay away from one-time use containers. Shayne showed CTQ Staff, how to take the first steps towards stopping the use of plastic bags and wraps and moving to multi-use glass containers for our lunches as an example. She made us aware to be more conscious of excessive packaging when we do purchase items, whether for work or home. We were given many ideas on how to reduce wasteful habits and how to reduce our carbon footprint overall.

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