CTQ releases our new Kelowna GIS Mural Map – sharing Kelowna’s art with the World

CTQ is proud to release our new KELOWNA GIS MURAL MAP containing over 65 private and public mural locations throughout Kelowna and Rutland.

The History:

The concept and consequent creation of the CTQ Legacy Mural map project began from a conversation between Matt Cameron, our CEO, and Dianne Gray, our GIS Specialist. Dianne became curious and inspired to investigate how many other murals were hidden in plain sight throughout Kelowna and Rutland. After speaking with Matt about utilizing her skill sets to create a virtual map that everyone could enjoy, she set out to begin the process of gathering the required information. Dianne created the virtual map so over 65 local murals could be showcased for all to see and, provide folks an opportunity to experience the murals online, in person by driving, walking or cycling.

Dianne’s inspiration to create this project came while watching the students paint the CTQ UBCO Legacy Mural in the spring/summer of 2020. CTQ worked collaboratively with the Visual Arts department at UBCO, to create a mural course that provided the art students to learn and have an experience like no other and create an outdoor mural. This unique mural UBCO course became the first mural course to be offered at a Canadian University and was proudly financially supported by CTQ.

Although many submissions were provided to UBCO during the creation process of their 2020 mural, the selection was ultimately made by Visual Arts instructor David Doody. This selection featured an interesting Harrison Hot Springs project which was previously designed by CTQ. The projected entailed a failing pump which caused high fish mortality and an escalated flood risk for the village. To provide a solution, two Archimedes screw pumps, a technology originally invented in 250 BC, was utilized to reduce fish mortality and accommodate the movement of floodwaters. It was a challenging project with a great outcome and a true reflection of CTQ’s values of overcoming obstacles.

How things came together:

While the CTQ mural was being created in 2020, Dianne watched and wondered how many other murals there might be in plain sight all over Kelowna. She was aware that David Doody had been involved recently in the creation of many murals in the Rutland area through the Uptown Rutland Mural projects and that is where her research began.

Over the next 3-months, Dianne personally visited each of the murals she could find. For each mural she took photos, researched as to what inspiration caused the artist to create them and documented the location of where the mural could be found. After attaining approvals, she started to amass the mural map and to date, has found over 65 murals and counting.

During the process, Dianne especially found it fun to learn about each artist and what the inspiration of each one’s work of art was.

Where does it go from here?

CTQ envisions this as an on-going and growing project. They invite everyone who is aware of any mural creations of a completed mural, to submit the project to CTQ’s Public Form for Reporting New Murals. Following this link will provide users the ability to submit information and photographs of new murals located throughout the city, as well as, updated information to existing murals.

With the popularity of mural art, both locally and internationally, the goal is to keep updating this map for all to enjoy.

Murals have become increasingly popular and now have festivals in many communities, such as Vancouver, Montreal, Nelson and more. As art instructor David Doody shares, “Street art initiatives and murals have revitalized urban centres across the country. These open-air public galleries add splashes of colour into aging architecture and dark alleyways, breathing new like into their surroundings.”

The hope is that this CTQ’s GIS Mural Map will become more accessible to the public through various media sources supporting and drawing attention to the wonderful works of art in all of our backyards, alleyways, sides and front walls of buildings.

The CTQ-UBCO Legacy Mural project hopes to inspire all neighbours in our communities to consider the benefits of murals to beautify and enhance local tourism by supporting artists and featuring each work of art proudly to reflect our diverse community.

We hope you take a few moment to visit CTQ’s new KELOWNA GIS MURAL MAP, enjoy a guided tour, and maybe you too can explore some of Kelowna’s hidden mural gems.


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