Michael J. Ballingall – Senior Vice President of Big White Ski Resort

Michael J. is a well-known figure in the Okanagan Valley through his involvement as Senior Vice President of Big White Ski Resort, Vice Chair of the Canadian Ski Council, long time Director of Tourism Kelowna and former chair of the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association. He is also a member of the Canadian Tourism Commissions, ”Emerging Markets” committee and is very involved in working with airlines and other partners in Tourism to continue to make the Okanagan a Top Destination for travel.

Originally from the Prairies, Michael moved west within the Keg restaurant system and realized he needed to find a way to stay in this breathtaking spot. He did so by being hired at Big White over 25 years ago and working his way up!  Michael will share his story, his passion and what he believes makes our region tick from a Tourism perspective!