Luke Turri, VP of Development for Mission Group and Laurence East of Metro

Luke Turri, Vice President of Development for Mission Group and Pastor Laurence East from Metro Community were the featured guest speakers for CTQ’s last Eternally Interesting Session for 2017 on December 10. Luke shared his passion for being involved in the growth of the Kelowna downtown core. He spoke about how he has always been attracted to downtown culture. Whether it be living, working or socializing, downtown is where his heart lies. As the VP of Planning and Development Luke is instrumental in Mission Groups involvement of further downtown development. Mission Group has purchased a number of properties that will be developed in the next couple of years. Check out what they have going on at their website

Laurence East is the Pastor who was the driving force behind the creation of Metro. Laurence shared his passionate story about his belief in the power of relationships that drove him to create the Metro Church. He strongly advocates that every person is worthy of being known. He created Metro church with the idea of helping people by doing, driven by a set of common values including dignity, safety, respect and acceptance. Metro does a tremendous amount of work to provide a safe place where individuals won’t be judge, regardless of where they come from or how they got there. Metro hosts a number of different events and offers a wide range of services during the course of the year. For more information, please visit their website at

CTQ would like to thank both Luke and Laurence for their inspirational presentations.