Lloyd Manchester

Lloyd Manchester, who is considered to be one of the top authorities within the interior on environment, joined the folks of CTQ on our roof top deck and shared discussions around the creation of Earthcare and how he and his team stopped the school Districts in BC from spraying toxic chemicals to kill weeds on playing fields. Lloyd had previously been a tugboat captain on the coast when he and his wife decided to move to the Interior and start a family. When they first moved to the Okanagan Valley he noticed poisonous chemicals were being used to spray the fields surrounding his home as well as his children’s public school. Lloyd and his colleagues were determined to have their concerns presented and heard by all levels of government. They were determined to be the voice to fight for their children’s rights and the rights of others. The concerns presented by Lloyd and his group were heard and the government agreed that all Schools and regions in BC starting to use the non-toxic alternative.

Lloyd’s inspirational talk was accompanied by some fine award winning local wines compliments of BC Wine Shoppes paired with some delicious organic appetizers www.bcwineshop.com