Erika van Oyen – ISEE Solutions Society

CTQ’s Antonio Faccini introduced us to Erika van Oyen, Founder and Corey Mazurat, Vice President of ISEE Solutions Society. ISEE (Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment) is a local Canadian charity whose primary focus is helping women and their families in Uganda.

ISEE empowers Ugandan women and their families in many ways. They share information and knowledge about women’s health, which enables these women to care for themselves, and in turn better equips them to care for their loved ones. ISEE also designs and implements small scale farming programs that aims to provide food, security and promote self-sufficiency.

The Society further empowers young women to stay in school by providing products we tend to take for granted, such as much needed feminine health products. The simple truth is that many young Ugandan girls leave school when they start menstruating, as they don’t have the products that help them stay clean. ISEE is working to change that.

In partnership with Days for Girls, ISEE is manufacturing sanitary kits to send to Uganda. ISEE volunteers travel to Uganda with these kits, which can last over 3 years when properly washed and maintained. After attending a Women’s Health workshop, the participants receive a kit in a colourful drawstring bag that contains 2 shields, 8 washable liners, 2 pairs of underwear, a washcloth and two resealable bags for storing and washing the pads.

Antonio and his wife Joanna originally met Erika while she was teaching their kids at Glenmore Elementary School. Antonio’s family have been supporters of ISEE for years now, by regularly donating and volunteering to build and sew the very same sanitary kits which are sent to Uganda.

For further information on these wonderful programs, please visit ISEE at ( and Days for Girls (