Tristaca Curley – Fueling with Food

January 2019, The time for resolutions! CTQ held a seminar for the staff focusing on overall health. More specific to diet, Fueling with Food’s proprietor, Tristaca Curley, who provided our group with an overview of how easy it is to move into a healthier and more nutritious yet affordable lifestyle. We were fortunate to have Tristaca for our seminar, is nationally known for her extensive knowledge in nutrition and has been featured on National TV, radio, various print publications and Online presence. Tristaca currently lives with her husband and two children in Kelowna.

Our staff was treated with several of Tristaca’s home made easy and healthy dishes, which were paired with organic carrot, beet, ginger freshly squeezed juice. After the seminar many of the CTQ team booked personalized sessions with Tristaca aimed at setting realistic and attainable goals for 2019!

Fueling with Food provides individual, group and family planning and can be found on line at: