Dr. Grant Pagdin and Wine Master Eric von Krosigk

Dr. Grant Pagdin of Pagdin Health joined our Eternally Interesting event on February 12th, 2016. His specialty is Preventative and Anti-Aging Medicine, with a focus on Stem Cell Stimulation. Grant talked about his experience in the anti-aging process and how it relates to his current methods.  He also provided a brief explanation of how their stem cell procedure works in repairing worn out or arthritic joints through a relatively simple procedure conducted in their Kelowna office.

More information can be found his Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine office on Richter street or online at www.drpagdin.com  

Eric Von KrosigkWell known Wine Master Eric von Krosigk of Summerhill Pyramid Winery joined Grant at the February 12th event and explained the history and goals of Summerhill Pyramid Winery. As we sampled several of their award winning wines, he gave a brief explanation of why they use their Cheops styled Pyramid to age their sparkling wine for 30 days. They have utilized the Cheops style Pyramids for over 20 years which has lead the winery to having a number of award winning pyramid aged wines. Eric also spoke about global warming and how it relates to the Grape industry in North America and how this is actually fueling the purchase of many Okanagan Vineyards by wine makers in the States. We look forward to having Eric back to speak and share his fine wines soon! Their website www.summerhill.bc.ca provides a more detailed overview of their winery, their wines and their philosophy.