CTQ’s Fifth Year Hosting the International Gateway School

For the fifth year in a row, CTQ Consultants Kelowna division hosted international students in February. The students are part of Kinjo University in Nagoya Japan, which is an all-female campus of 5,000 students. Every year students come and experience life in Kelowna as students with the Okanagan’s International Gateway School. The program is aimed at encouraging both English language learning and work experience.

The opportunity to work at CTQ in February for Ms Kurio Fujii and Sawako Sumioku was tremendous. The two students are majoring in global and media studies at Kinjo University. They loved having the opportunity to work in a professional setting and get to know the staff. A favourite of their day was definitely lunch time which allowed them to try out their language skills on staff and better improve their English at the same time.

If they do end up working in Canada after their degree graduation in 2017, they would enjoy working at CTQ in an administrative role.