CTQ Welcomes Rumi Sakuma, Japanese Exchange Student

For the 8th year in a row, CTQ has welcomed a Japanese student into our office to experience the inner-workings of a busy Engineering, Planning and Urban Design firm. Hosted by Haruko Kagami, Rumi Sakuma comes to us from her home Prefecture of Aichi, Japan.

Rumi is currently enrolled in a four-year communications program at Kinjo University in Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan. In the first year of the program, students have the option to travel to different countries, so they can experience diverse cultures while improving their language skills.

Students can choose to travel to Canada, United States, Cambodia and New Zealand. Rumi indicated that Canada was her first choice. When asked why she chose Kelowna, Rumi said she had heard that Canada was beautiful, safe and friendly, and she has not been disappointed.

While in Kelowna, her host families’ house has a beautiful view of Kelowna with the vineyards, forests and farms all centered around Okanagan Lake.

From all of us at CTQ, we would like to thank you for spending your time with us Rumi, and we look forward to seeing you again.