International Student Visits CTQ

CTQ Welcomes our Japanese exchange student Yuka Yokoi who is here from Kinjo Gaguin University in Nagoya, Japan. Yuka has come to Kelowna with the expectation to improve her abilities to speak English and gain some experience in a business setting. She worked under the guidance of Haruko Kagami while at CTQ from Match 13th to 17th. Yuko commented that she noticed that there are more men than women in the field of engineering. She felt comfortable and welcomed with the friendly staff and really liked the “cute” tropical fish in the reception area of CTQ.

Yuka is interested in learning more about the ins and outs of operating a business and wants to continue to enhance her ability to speak and understand the English language. By learning English, as a second language, Yuka believes this will benefit her in both personal and professional aspects of her life.

For fun, Yuka is a singer in a band in Japan and also plays the guitar and the keyboard. She enjoys travelling and once she has completed school, she has some travel plans to see various parts of the world.

In addition to the warm welcome she received from CTQ, she felt very at home with her host family and her host school (IGK, International Gateway Kelowna). Yuka said the people that she met while in Kelowna were very kind and the city is beautiful with an abundance of scenery in the surrounding areas. She enjoyed a little bit of shopping while in Kelowna and felt the prices were reasonable and there was a good variety.

We enjoyed having her at CTQ and wish her well wherever her travels should take her.