CTQ Welcomes Justin VannPashak

CTQ is pleased to introduce a new member of our team, Justin VannPashak.

Justin came to CTQ as a graduate from the University of Alberta with a B. Sc in Civil Engineering where he specialized in Structural Engineering, Hydraulics, Transportation, and Construction Management.

As a fourth year EIT, Justin is a project manager and designer in CTQ’s Transportation and Land Development departments. Justin also aims to expand his diverse range of abilities to include Planning and Urban Design specialties.

Much of Justin’s younger years were spent broadening horizons and exploring new experiences. Justin began his work experience as a sales rep, transitioning to a flight attendant at age 19, and then moved to Cambodia at 20 where he taught Literature and World Culture to university students. While in Cambodia he also volunteered at an Aids Orphanage as well as at vision testing clinics at elementary schools.

After returning to Edmonton, Justin began his studies at the University of Alberta where he was a student politician and intramural athlete participating in hockey and volleyball. During university Justin continued his volunteer efforts at the Edmonton Food Bank, University Student Union and was on the executive for the World Fit for Children’s charity.

In his personal life, Justin is a bicycle commuter and is creating a blog discussing Infrastructure Development and Planning in Canadian Cities. His leisure time is spent snowboarding, skiing, playing hockey, and fermenting foods at advanced levels. He is also a golfer and trail-runner, albeit at less than advanced levels.