CTQ & GoGeomatics Back-to-School Social

CTQ Consultants proudly sponsored the 2019 GoGeomatics Back-to-School Social at BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery in Kelowna.

GoGeomatics Canada is a community driven, grassroots effort to promote and organize the geospatial community, including GIS, surveying, cartography, and remote sensing. Since 2006, the organization has grown to 15 geospatial networking groups across Canada, including the Kelowna chapter which was established in 2016. In 2019 GoGeomatics cofounded GeoIgnite, the first annual Canadian national geospatial and location technology conference, in Ottawa, Ontario.

GoGeomatics Online Magazine is Canada’s geospatial news, events, jobs, community engagement, and communications source for hundreds of organizations across the country. Since its launch, GoGeomatics has published over 1,000 Canadian geomatics articles, and their Canadian Spatial Times newsletter has over 7,000 subscribers.

Through local sponsorship, GoGeomatics’ annual Back-to-School Social helps promote unity and awareness in the geospatial community. The September 10th event was well received by all who attended, including industry professionals and academics alike. After enjoying great conversation and delicious food from BNA Brewing, the group was treated to GoGeomatics T-shirts paired with stylish CTQ sunglasses.

GoGeomatics would like to thank CTQ for its generous support of this year’s successful Back-to-School event.

For information on how you can get involved with GoGeomatics Canada, please visit gogeomatics.ca.