Dr. Ross Anderson

On April 21, 2017, CTQ welcomed Dr. Ross Anderson to speak to the group about his interests. The warmer weather allowed the group to congregate out on the CTQ deck and enjoy some of the Okanagan fresh air. We were joined by a few past speakers that were interested in hearing what Dr. Anderson had to say.

Dr. Anderson shared his journey from his original professions of Chiropractic and Naturopathic medicine to realizing the value of early detection of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) in homes and businesses. EMF’s are sometimes referred to as dirty electricity and can, over an extended period, be harmful without you knowing.

Ross now owns and operates a company called SafeZone that specializes in the detection and analysis of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) found in homes and businesses. Ross works within the standards set by the Institute of Building Biology that provide the spectrum of what is acceptable. Upon the completion of his inspection, Ross, assess his findings and provides recommendations of how his clients can protect themselves from the dirty electricity within their environments.

CTQ has commissioned SafeZone to inspect the CTQ office to determine if there is any dirty electricity. Every aspect of the office will be tested and analyzed intensely with all findings to be presented in a final report. The report will provide reasonable methods and recommendations of how to resolve the issues noted to create a healthy environment free of EMF’s.

For more information please refer to Ross Anderson’s website is at www.okinhealth.com