A Syrian Family

To kick off our Eternally Interesting Series for 2017, through Colin Wilson of UBC Okanagan, we were provided the opportunity to have a Syrian Family present to us their story of how they fled Syria and their trek to Canada. With the assistance of a local interpreter, the Family was able to share with us their life threatening experience in Syria and the trial and tribulations that they had to overcome to escape their country alive.

The father of the family spoke about how they owned a successful clothing retail store in Syria and when their city turned to turmoil, they virtually had to run away from it to stay alive. With the sounds of gun shots and bombs blowing up, the number one priority was to ensure that the family was safe and out of harm’s way.

For the first while, the family had moved approximately four hours away from where the danger zone was. They stayed here until they were contacted from the UN offering to move them to Canada. So they packed up what they had and moved, leaving pretty much all of their belongings behind.

Since they have been in Canada, the spoke about how much support that have received so far and how grateful they are for the group of folks that have sponsored them to be here and how the folks in the Okanagan have rallied to make them feel part of the community.