YLW Airport Manager, Sam Samaddar

On February 17th, CTQ welcomed YLW Airport Manager, Sam Samaddar to speak as part of our Eternally Interesting Series. Sam was born in England and moved to Africa with his parents when he was just a toddler. He developed a love for aviation at a very young age and could remember asking his grandfather to take him to the airport so he could watch planes take-off and land. By the time he was 18, Sam had obtained his pilot’s license with the ultimate goal of becoming a fighter pilot.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sam did not end up becoming a fighter pilot, but that did not impede his love for flight. With the completion of post-secondary education, Sam started his airport career at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). He quickly moved up the ranks and saw an advertisement for a supervisor role at the Kelowna International Airport. After Sam and his wife agreed that the Okanagan would be a great place to raise their children, he applied for the position and was successful.

Over the years, Sam has worked in various departments and divisions of the Kelowna airport. In 2008, Roger Sellick, the airport manager, announced his retirement and the reigns were passed over to Sam. Sam shared some of the challenges and changes that have occurred at the Kelowna airport during his time as the Airport manager. Some of the topics he discussed was the ever changing safety policies, some of the state of the art devices and systems that are being used and a brief synopsis of what is to come in the future for the Kelowna International Airport.

CTQ would like to thank Sam for sharing his stories with us.