Lane Merrifield

lanemerrifieldLane Merrifield joined us on our roof top deck at CTQ on a beautiful sunny afternoon in the Okanagan. Lane was one of the creators and founding partners of Club Penguin.

Lane spoke to us about growing up and starting his career in California before moving to the Okanagan. While working for a web design company in Kelowna, he and two other individuals designed and built Club Penguin from the ground up. Their original idea was to provide a safe social networking site that could be enjoyed by kids, without the infiltration of web-based advertisements. Their creativity and success led them to developing an online multiplayer game enjoyed by millions of kids worldwide. Club Penguin was acquired by Disney in 2007 and Lane continued to work for Disney until 2012. Since then, Lane has been working with entrepreneurs to help develop their business in the Okanagan Lane is very passionate about promoting local business.

CTQ would like to sincerely thank Lane for sharing his thoughts and stories with us.