Duane Lockwood with Broken Ladder Cider

Harry, Duane, Matt, Ed and Dave.

From left to right: Harry, Duane, Matt, Ed and Dave.

Duane Lockwood presented on several subjects at our Eternally Interesting event on October 16th, 2015. Duane had been the area Manager, for the largest insurance firm in Canada. He was responsible for organized sales through his staff of several hundred staff members. Although his role was downsized a few years ago due to economic issues, he decided to take advantage of the opportunity to do something he had always wanted to do entrepreneurially. With his desire to give back to society, Duane and a few partners conducted extensive research of s

Broken Ladder Cider

ome of the local needs, and from that created Hoopla.com, an on-line gaming website which is just hitting the market in 2016. Along the road to helping Hoopla.com come to market, he came across a creative safe tattoo removal concept called, “Go Tattless” which removes tattoos without any pain or health side affects to one’s body. Duane shared how his determination and passion helped him overcome many obstacles along the way and how this has now resulted in bringing these two concepts to market.  www.hoopla.com   www.gotattless.com

The feature product for this Eternally Interesting event was a new local “hard” Cider from B.C. Tree Fruit called Broken Ladder Cider. This lovely product is a toast to the growers of the province, who B.C. Tree fruit believe, grow the best apples on earth. The cider is created from a blend of six different apples. The name, Broken Ladder, was created in a joking way, based on the fact that orchardist use 16 foot ladders to pick the luscious fruit. This tasty product takes a respectful look back in the history of the Orchard Industry and how apples were picked from the orchard and brought to the glass in 2016. You can find their story at www.bctreefruitscider.com and on Vaughan Avenue in Kelowna.